WB0CAP Youth Amateur Radio Club

The WB0CAP Youth Amateur Radio Club is an ARRL Affiliated Youth Club.  The club consists primarily of young adults, most of which are involved in Civil Air Patrol. Our primary purpose is to introduce Amateur Radio to young adults throughout the community in the greater Omaha Metropolitan Area including our local schools and organizations such as Civil Air Patrol and Scouting.  


We are working to build robust programs which are intended to reinforce science, technology, engineering and math skills in youth aged 12 to 21. These programs include integration of amateur radio into existing educational curriculum, after-school and weekend educational workshops, and public events. 




New License Class!


Six New Licensees!

Six young adults passed their Techhician Class License!


Club Meetings

First Satruday of each Month, at 1PM located in Building 404, Offutt AFB, NE.


We hope to achieve our goals by showing our young audience how communications and technology is an invaluable asset in our daily lives, from technical areas areas such as the aerospace industry, to disaster services and search and rescue.  This will include demonstration of practical applications of technologies such as digital and satellite communications, direction finding, and land navigation using GPS.  While promoting the importance of public service, , we hope to inspire these young adults to obtain an amateur radio license, pursue higher education, and then a technical career.  and provide training and education allowing them to pursue an amateur radio license while promoting the importance of public service.



If you are interested in sponsoring a project, starting a new project, starting a joint project, donating equipment or donating money, please contact us.     

We are always looking for additions to our club station, but our test bench is in need of several items.  This includes: multimeters, oscilloscope, signal generator, frequency counter, antenna analyzer, soldering stations, SMT rework stations, etc.  

This equipment will help teach the fundamentals of electronics and help us design, build and repair the many projects we work on.


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WBØCAP Youth Amateur Radio Club

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